Viking Reviews and Testimonials

We have a VGCC5304BSS in our newly remodeled kitchen. I love the oven on this unit and it bakes so even. Having had an electric oven before, I was skeptical of the change, but have been very pleased with it! Would highly recommend this one!!!!
S. Robertson
Greenwood, Mississippi - September 22, 2013
My family and I love Viking products and we're proud owners of a full kitchen: 36" gas range, 36" hood, 42" refrigerator, dishwasher, warming drawer and microwave. Our kitchen is truly the heart of our home and we enjoy preparing meals together. Viking's design, quality and special features were important to us as we recently remodeled- so proud that their products are made in the USA!
Elizabeth Tackett
Dalton, Massachusetts - September 20, 2013
Today I placed an order for a new 48" Viking Dual Fuel Range with 6 burners and a char-grill and I am beyond excited! My first Viking range, which performed flawlessly for over 17 years, was the best range I have ever owned in 37 years and 6 homes. When it came time to remodel my kitchen, I did not even consider another brand. Cannot wait for Thanksgiving when my very large family will gather and enjoy the "heart" of my new kitchen!
Jane Crump
Panama City Beach, Florida - September 19, 2013
Growing up in the Mississippi Delta doesn't give you much to do but one thing we do well is food. I learned to cook on my parent's Viking Range and so I only knew perfect food preparation, that is until I went to college. I had an apartment with appliances other than Viking. It was a disaster getting used to anything else. Now that I am a newlywed and in my first home we have a Viking gas cooktop and Viking dishwasher. I use them both pretty much everyday and life is good again. I know that my dishes will always be clean and my food cooked to perfection. I am so grateful for the memories and meals that Viking has given my family.
Shelby Gorman
Greenwood, Mississippi - September 18, 2013
"Love, love, love my Viking appliances. When remodeling our kitchen a few years ago we were determined to find the quietest, best cleaning dishwasher available. When friends raved about the Viking dishwasher we decided to purchase one, but I must admit that I was skeptical that it could be as wonderful as we had heard. My Viking dishwasher is my favorite appliance! It is extremely quiet, and very efficient, producing the cleanest dishes of any machine that I've owned. I love the features of the dishwasher, such as the extra pull out basket for large utensils, the deep top rack, which will hold dinner plates, the top wash only feature, and the clean light indicator. The features make it perfect for either a small or large family. When we built our new home several months ago, I knew that I wanted all Viking appliances. I truly enjoy my gas cook top, microwave, and convection oven with the searing unit, in addition to my new dishwasher. All of the appliances perform so well that I am really enjoying cooking, and I now look forward to preparing new recipes!"
Susan Littell
Collierville, Tennessee - September 09, 2013
"I remodeled my kitchen just before Christmas last year, and have my first full-Viking kitchen. My favorite is the Induction Range. The heat control is amazing - from boil to simmer and back to boil as fast as I turn the knob. The clean up is easy and I love that I can cook without any heat from burners. My guests favorite is the 48" Refrigerator with wood panels - it blends right into the cabinetry. It's fun when people come in and ask me where my refrigerator is: they are always amazed that it's so huge inside but looks like a beautiful cabinet on the outside. Just yesterday at church, I had a lady tell me that she ''dreams'' about living in my kitchen."
Willa Booth
Diamond Bar, California - September 09, 2013
"I purchased a Custom Dual Fuel Convection 30" Range. I have always wanted a Viking and I have never been happier. I absolutely LOVE it!! I also have a dishwasher that I just couldn't live without. They are both great pieces and I couldn't be more proud to have them in my home."
Emily Jenkins
Greenwood, Mississippi - September 09, 2013
"I purchased my viking oven for the home after researching ovens for my dessert business which I was going to open. The viking oven was the first ovens I saw that were made for home use but provided services that top quality chefs look for in an oven. The black/stainless steel 30-inch oven I purchased with the bib and pull out tray was a work of art. It baked/cooked/broiled/defrosted, etc. and I was in seventh heaven. It served my business well and paid for itself in no time. I even purchased professional pots to compliment my oven. The only parts I have ever replaced were my ignitors and did that only twice in over 15 years. People that have come to my home have marveled at the beautiful viking oven in my kitchen and say what a work of art. I wish I had a picture to show people because that oven shines and still looks as good as when I purchased her over 15 years ago. I luv my oven and she is a work of art unto itself. Trust me, you can''t go wrong by purchasing a viking oven. Thank you Viking for making a professional and affordable oven that served my business well. My desserts were well received once I started baking them in my oven."
Mary Lewis
Newburgh, New York - August 27, 2013