Viking Reviews and Testimonials

Jamie, the service rep I dealt with to get the door and temp problems fixed, did a great job.  She made sure the two issues would be fixed in one appointment. Then Miss Jamie followed up with me last week after the service was complete, and while I was out of the office on sick leave last week, all week, dealing with my abdominal/intestinal issues, and then again on Monday.
Steven E.
Baltimore, Maryland
I sincerely appreciate the assistance and wanted to send this letter to express my appreciation for the excellent customer service. Thank you!
Nina D.
Lake Osego, Oregon

Many thanks to you for your actions on my behalf - they were greatly appreciated. You can imagine my distress with having the new Viking Range delivered, installed with only the burners operable.....add to that the limited time we were to be in Baltimore - AND - MORE IMPORTANTLY, my unspoken worry about what the MRI and MRA of my husband's brain might find, it was an enormously stressful period.

Darcy, Rusty and you are to be congratulated for the assistance you provided me during that period - I am forever in your debt! Also, please relay my thanks to everyone for their actions and to each of you for providing the extra year of warranty on the range - everything you have done is, as I said earlier, greatly appreciated. All I ever wanted for service was for someone to understand the immediacy of my request for repair - had I been able to be in our home for a longer period of time the repair could have been completed without any need to ask for assistance from Middleby Corporate and Rusty and you at Viking.

Marty from Wurstlins diagnosed the problem as incorrectly wired safeties (as I understand the problem as related to me by my husband) at the point of manufacture - i.e. the safety for the oven was wired to the broiler and the safety for the broiler was wired to the oven, hence, neither would stay ignited. I would guess that falls under quality control? In any event I know that you are working on all aspects of the Viking Company and judging by your prompt actions on my behalf you should have things functioning beautifully in a very short time!

After receiving my husband's great test results on Friday - they could not have been better - instead of rushing to drive north to our NJ condo, it would have been a treat to be able to use my new oven and broiler (I love to cook!) - alas, that will have to wait until our return in June. Shakespeare put it so well, "All's well that ends well!" Thanks to all of you, it ended very well! Please give our best wishes to everyone for a very Merry Christmas and Happy and Healthy New Year!

Carolyn S.
Baltimore, Maryland
Wow!! Thank you very much! We LOVE your products! My hubby installed the double ovens, the cooktop, the self-venting hood and now we just got the french door fridge! LOVE, love love them!! Took awhile to save up for all of them, but worth every penny! Thank you so very much for providing appliances that are not only BEAUTIFUL, but SAFE, too!!!!!!
Kelly W.
Fork River, New Jersey
Thank you so much for all your hard work to resolve our family's issue with our microwave. You made us feel like extremely valued customers . I am delighted to say that I am finishing preparing my family's holiday meal using my new, perfectly-functioning microwave. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your attention.
Juliet W.
New York, New York
Dealing with you has been truly a top customer care experience.
Andrew Y.
Anaheim, California
We had remodeled our original home 15 years ago. At that time we installed a Viking stove / range that was great. We sold our home of 30 years one month ago and moved downtown to a new condo. All the appliances are Viking, two ovens, stove top, refrigerator, wine / beverage center, and finally dishwasher. We are very excited, and having Viking appliances help seal the deal!
Dan K.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
I have the Viking 48" side by side refrigerator. All was well until there was a hinge recall. I promptly had the service performed. There was a wonderful woman, Jackie, at the Viking Customer Service, who I really felt listened and cared. Jackie later called me and extended the offer from Viking for a new refrigerator. We were delighted! A gentleman, Steve O. set up the delivery date and time. I have to tell you yes, we have had issues... but they have been taken care of. Viking has some amazing people that directly work for them or an authorized company. These people do their jobs and have pride in the company that they work for. That is something you do not come across too often.
Janet A.
Wayne, Illinois