Viking Reviews and Testimonials

"I recently purchased a lake house that has the entire kitchen outfitted with first class Viking appliances including the microwave. My wife and I are extremely impressed with the quality of the appliances and when it was time to replace the barbecue grill the only choice for us was which size Viking grill we would select. We picked the 42" with the full stainless cart and love it."
Roger F.
Newark, New Jersey
When my husband and I bought our home we decided to remodel the kitchen. We purchased a full Viking Professional kitchen. We could not be happier with our decision. It not only performs well it looks beautiful in our home. I am most proud of the dual fuel range, which cooks my food quickly and evenly. I also love that their products are made in the U.S.A. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.
Katherine B.
Starkville, Mississippi
"I remodeled my kitchen just before Christmas last year, and have my first full-Viking kitchen. My favorite is the Induction Range. The heat control is amazing - from boil to simmer and back to boil as fast as I turn the knob. The clean up is easy and I love that I can cook without any heat from burners. My guests favorite is the 48" Refrigerator with wood panels - it blends right into the cabinetry. It's fun when people come in and ask me where my refrigerator is: they are always amazed that it's so huge inside but looks like a beautiful cabinet on the outside. Just yesterday at church, I had a lady tell me that she ''dreams'' about living in my kitchen."
Willa B.
Diamond Bar, California

Our story began in 2003 when we purchased a historic home near the beach that had it's last kitchen renovation in the mid 70's. We knew that it would be a labor of love renovating this home and the look of kitchen was terribly outdated. There was one saving grace; the appliances were Viking! We were now the proud owners of not one but two side-by-side Viking ranges, a Viking trash compactor, and a Viking ice maker. The renovations were costly and time-consuming but with the Viking appliances that still appeared new and worked perfectly, our costs for the kitchen renovation were much less than anticipated.

Ten years later, we are still the proud owners of two side-by-side Viking ranges, a Viking trash compactor, a Viking ice maker and have added a full size Viking wine cellar to the kitchen that is now the hub of our home. In spite of their age, our 40 year old appliances look brand new and work beautifully. The new wine cellar matches the old appliances despite the age difference and our friends still ooh and aah over the Viking brand that never seems to lose it's appeal. There is no other brand that could make the transition from a 70's kitchen to a kitchen in 2013 and still be perfect for years to come.

Joanna W.
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
We like all our products from Viking, Refrigerator & Freezer, 30" Electric Range & Oven, 30" ovens and Warming Drawer.
Edward L.
Westerly, Rhode Island
"We remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. At the time, I had a Jenn Aire cooktop and Thermador double ovens. I was ready for a change and started researching...and shopping. I was also a Realtor at the time and I started noticing that every time I was in a beautiful kitchen, that I loved, it had a Viking range. Then, my friend who lived in Missouri, remodeled her kitchen and she put in a Viking range. That did it, I had to have a Viking Range and ovens. I still love it to this day and have never had any problems and it's been at least 7 years. Thanks Viking for making such great appliances."
Elene M.
San Clemente, California
We have a VGCC5304BSS in our newly remodeled kitchen. I love the oven on this unit and it bakes so even. Having had an electric oven before, I was skeptical of the change, but have been very pleased with it! Would highly recommend this one!!!!
S. R.
Greenwood, Mississippi
"I purchased the Viking electric range, and I wanted to take a minute to tell Viking what an amazing stove it is, and how impressed I am with it. Previous to this stove, I was a gas purest, but my new house does not have gas as an option. My wife loved the styling of this stove, so we took a chance. It is the best stove I have ever owned.The heat is responsive, fierce, and highly adaptable to my varying cooking needs and pan sizes. The oven heats quickly, cooks evenly, and broils like nothing I have experienced. With my other gas stoves, clean up was a 15 minute affair, but this stove is beyond easy to clean. This is a great product, and I happy that your company continues to excel as a leader."
Brian D.
Medway, Massachusetts