Viking Reviews and Testimonials

When my new cottage was built, I had all Viking appliances installed. This was my first time using your products. Unfortunately, as "luck" would have it for one reason or another, the stove and dishwasher didn't work correctly. We called the distributor who fixed the stove and after many failed attempts to repair the dishwasher, your company replaced the dishwasher at no cost to us. Good job, well done and be rest assured that all of our appliances in the future will be Viking.
James Weber
October 28, 2013
I've lived in a house built in 1899 for 12 years. Unfortunately, the kitchen was from the 50's and UGLY. I've been planning kitchen in my head all this time. Doing most of the work ourselves, my husband and I smiled when we threw out the last of the cream and gold Formica. As the kitchen started coming together, we knew we had done it right. We had the Viking dishwasher, French door refrigerator, and microwave in for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't until the chimney hood and 48" range were installed that it seemed complete. We have the 48" all gas with a griddle and adore it. In only a few days, we've already cooked breakfast, chili, tomato pie, cornbread, cookies, and cupcakes - all came out perfectly. Coming from a glass top stove with uneven ovens, it's absolutely wonderful to not have to use extra cookie sheets to keep your cookies from burning. It was a long time coming, but it was all worth the wait!
Daphne Williams
Carrollton, Mississippi - October 24, 2013
We just wanted to drop a note and say what a great job Michael McCain did for us. We are out of the normal service areas here in Texas and without him we feel our refrigerator would still be on the BLINK.
Vanessa Young
Wimberley, Texas - October 22, 2013
I purchased the Viking induction Range in late June of this year. The unit is a gorgeous piece; the oven is bar none the best oven I have ever cooked with. The induction cooktop is easy to use and heats quickly, evenly and with precision. Viking and the Appliance store yielded an ultimately happy customer.
Pete Scheldt
Apple Valley, Minnesota - October 21, 2013
We like all our products from Viking, Refrigerator & Freezer, 30" Electric Range & Oven, 30" ovens and Warming Drawer.
Edward Lunaas
Westerly, Rhode Island - October 19, 2013

I LOVE my suite of Viking Professional line Appliances - not only do they look fantastic, but cooking and cleaning is a breeze! (In my kitchen we have a Viking microwave/vent hood, side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher and gas range oven in stainless steel.) They are so fun to use, my husband has been helping in the kitchen a lot more! He remodeled the kitchen and laundry/butler room, and even put an additional Viking dishwasher in for when we entertain!

We are now in the process of remodeling the den and are planning to include a beverage bar complete with a Viking mini-fridge, wine cooler and ice maker! I had been asking to get Viking Appliances for well over 10 years; my husband questioned the cost per appliance versus less expensive brands. He would try to convince me that other less expensive brands were a better choice because he thought kitchen appliances were all the same basically. (My husband is a car guy, so to me, that was like saying a Studebaker and a Rolls Royce were the same - they both transport!) I frequently would get him to look at these Viking beauties in the showroom, but it would always come back to the costs. I discovered that he was doing research on these appliances on his own. Much to my surprise, he began to tell me about the positives of what he was learning from that research!

When we moved into our current home, the kitchen was barely tolerable; I HATED going in there...old, ugly, mismatched appliances that came with the house and they were not reliable - I had a double-oven wall unit (from a different company) with a turkey, side dishes and pies baking, and had a house full of guests. It was a disaster; those other brand ovens completely quit working in the middle of that dinner preparation! I was scrambling to come up with something to help the situation, it was embarrassing and disappointing to say the least! Not long after that, we began the remodeling of the kitchen and laundry/butler room. This time, my husband enthusiastically agreed upon the Viking appliances! Now I love spending time in the kitchen and my husband does too! He saw how much fun I was having and wanted to get in on it also! My husband now tells me that if we ever move again, we will get Viking appliances, if they are not already there! I even have several small Viking kitchen appliances; Viking takes food preparation to a whole new level of enjoyment and ease!

Cindy Richardson
Tyler, Texas - October 13, 2013

As the CEO of a service company, for over 25 years, I am often called upon to speak to customer service issues as they pertain to my industry. However, there are many common threads that connect ALL service industries. The reality, for anything that is "man-made", is that most material items may eventually be the subject for service or replacement. As a manufacturer, it is an obligation to honor warranty status as it pertains to defects within a specified period of time. Many people tell me that their "customer service" experiences are disappointing in most cases. This factor of disappointment is often the result of a "lack of customer service".

IMHO, Jamie Phillips has exemplified the best of what is possible for a customer service representative. Let it be known, that in my case in particular, it was indeed Jamie who worked hard and diligently throughout my Viking outdoor grill issues.  As my frustration levels increased, Ms. Phillips maintained her commitment to me/the customer, and was relentless in her efforts to get to a point of resolve. The Viking company can thank Ms. Phillips for recovering me as a customer.

Although my experience was frustrating, causing great inconvenience to me for nearly an entire season, Ms. Phillips maintained a clinical AND reassuring posture despite the very high levels of frustration. In closing, I hope this letter reaches all the powers that be, that there is someone in Viking's employ who should be noted, commended, and definitively recognized as a shining example of what is best in a customer service context.

Corey Davidson
Plainview, New York - October 10, 2013
We had remodeled our original home 15 years ago. At that time we installed a Viking stove / range that was great. We sold our home of 30 years one month ago and moved downtown to a new condo. All the appliances are Viking, two ovens, stove top, refrigerator, wine / beverage center, and finally dishwasher. We are very excited, and having Viking appliances help seal the deal!
Dan Kaminski
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - September 29 2013