Viking Reviews and Testimonials

We love our Viking very much. The Lakewood people said that it is hard to clean the iron grates on top of the stove... Not True... Just put them in your large kitchen sink with hot water from the faucet and add baking soda and soak for 15 minutes then add white vinegar and watch the bubbles. Rinse with warm dish soap and dry and you have a brand new iron grate top. I would love someone from Viking to show me how to reach the white powder ash that is on the bottom of the oven. People ask me do you use your oven it look so clean... Of course I use my oven, it is just a joy.
Marion W.
Pueblo West, Colorado
I purchased my Viking appliances when I did a full Kitchen remodel last November 2012. I did the commercial Refrigerator, Gas Range, Dishwasher, & Microwave. Needless to say, they are beautiful & make quite a statement in addition to the great function. Everything is easily accessible in my refrigerator unlike my previous one. My dishwasher cleans better than any I have ever had. My stove, OH my stove! I love it! I love the ease of cleaning with the grates, the slide out rack in my oven & basically just love cooking on the gas top. I looked at other high end brands & decided on Viking when I discovered that I could do a complete matching Kitchen. Also, after looking at other high end refrigerators, I realized that the Viking shelving was made better & had better space & features.
Dinah L.
Chattanooga, Tennessee
I purchased my 30" gas Viking Range along with the hood in 1996. It has been a workhorse all these years with minimal trouble. I was given the newer non-powder coated grates about 10 years ago since the original ones had chipped. I love the range and the improvements Viking has made on the newer models. No more open drip trays; the sealed burners would be much cleaner. It seems these days that too many appliances are not made for the "long haul." Our Viking range sure was, and almost 18 years later....still cooking like a pro.
Ralph M.
Boerne, Texas
I love my Viking range. It is large,powerful,and very handsome! We are people on a very tight budget, and I was only able to afford it because I got a great rebate. Thank you Viking!
Shelly G.
Greenfield, Wisconsin
I spent a very enjoyable 10 minutes or so with your service representative, Charlotte, who helped me find a needed part for my Viking freestanding range. I explained what the problem was and that my local service company could not find the needed part and suggested I call you‘all directly. I was totally unprepared for the level of graciousness and helpfulness that Charlotte gave me over the phone. You are a very fortunate manager to have an employee so empathetic and effective as her in the role of customer relations. We may or may not get the part since it is not in stock with Viking but rather with a distributor. That said, the effort to find the part is a nice illustration of the level of customer care and commitment on Charlottes part - she went above and beyond to locate a distributor with the needed part and request it be sent to Texas. After we finished our conversation I realized that Charlotte is a "10" on a scale of 1 to 10 for effectiveness and capability, and deserved a compliment for her work.
Joseph D.
Houston, Texas
We reported an icing problem with our Viking fridge this past January, the month before the warranty ran out. This took some time to correct but Viking fulfilled their promises and we are very happy customers. The customer service people in Greenwood, MS were great and kept us informed of their plans and actions all along the way. Thank you all at Viking for the wonderful service you provided.
Jim L.
Spicewood, Texas
When I decided to remodel my kitchen with upgraded appliances, I looked at all manufactures. After much shopping and testing of different rangetop, I decided on the Viking (VGRT530-30") four burner gas rangetop. Clean, simple design and very high BTU's on its burners. It was priced like similar units, but the output, simple knobs and grates and being able to light sealed burners in power outages were the deciding factors. The unit is just about two years old and not one problem. I am happy that I made the right choice.
Wil T.
Sparks, Nevada
I've lived in a house built in 1899 for 12 years. Unfortunately, the kitchen was from the 50's and UGLY. I've been planning kitchen in my head all this time. Doing most of the work ourselves, my husband and I smiled when we threw out the last of the cream and gold Formica. As the kitchen started coming together, we knew we had done it right. We had the Viking dishwasher, French door refrigerator, and microwave in for a couple of weeks, but it wasn't until the chimney hood and 48" range were installed that it seemed complete. We have the 48" all gas with a griddle and adore it. In only a few days, we've already cooked breakfast, chili, tomato pie, cornbread, cookies, and cupcakes - all came out perfectly. Coming from a glass top stove with uneven ovens, it's absolutely wonderful to not have to use extra cookie sheets to keep your cookies from burning. It was a long time coming, but it was all worth the wait!
Daphne W.
Carrollton, Mississippi