Viking Reviews and Testimonials

I bought a professional stand alone Viking Gas Range, with the hood and the Professional Dish Washer. I love them. The stove cooks a loaf of bread and a roast to perfection. And, the dishwasher is quiet and does a great job. I love my Viking kitchen.
Charles O.
Mandeville, Louisiana
"When we were building our new house in 1988, I happened to see a Viking Stove while I was looking for windows. I fell in love, of course. I took the material home and showed my husband. He of course, said no that it was just out of the question. I was to look at other places and forget about the Viking. As I looked for other items for the kitchen, my search for a stove proved futile. It was just too hard to start at the TOP, then go down. Then, one day, my hubby had to go to that same dealer who had the windows (along with the kitchen display). He came home with more papers and said, "I saw THE STOVE." We agreed then that the Viking was the one for us. We moved into our house in 1989 and have loved it since then. This was a model that was made during the second year of production. We love it and wouldn't trade it for the world. Still happy with our Viking 48" double oven!"
Judy & Dred P.
Canton, Mississippi

As the CEO of a service company, for over 25 years, I am often called upon to speak to customer service issues as they pertain to my industry. However, there are many common threads that connect ALL service industries. The reality, for anything that is "man-made", is that most material items may eventually be the subject for service or replacement. As a manufacturer, it is an obligation to honor warranty status as it pertains to defects within a specified period of time. Many people tell me that their "customer service" experiences are disappointing in most cases. This factor of disappointment is often the result of a "lack of customer service".

IMHO, Jamie Phillips has exemplified the best of what is possible for a customer service representative. Let it be known, that in my case in particular, it was indeed Jamie who worked hard and diligently throughout my Viking outdoor grill issues.  As my frustration levels increased, Ms. Phillips maintained her commitment to me/the customer, and was relentless in her efforts to get to a point of resolve. The Viking company can thank Ms. Phillips for recovering me as a customer.

Although my experience was frustrating, causing great inconvenience to me for nearly an entire season, Ms. Phillips maintained a clinical AND reassuring posture despite the very high levels of frustration. In closing, I hope this letter reaches all the powers that be, that there is someone in Viking's employ who should be noted, commended, and definitively recognized as a shining example of what is best in a customer service context.

Corey D.
Plainview, New York
"I purchased my viking oven for the home after researching ovens for my dessert business which I was going to open. The viking oven was the first ovens I saw that were made for home use but provided services that top quality chefs look for in an oven. The black/stainless steel 30-inch oven I purchased with the bib and pull out tray was a work of art. It baked/cooked/broiled/defrosted, etc. and I was in seventh heaven. It served my business well and paid for itself in no time. I even purchased professional pots to compliment my oven. The only parts I have ever replaced were my ignitors and did that only twice in over 15 years. People that have come to my home have marveled at the beautiful viking oven in my kitchen and say what a work of art. I wish I had a picture to show people because that oven shines and still looks as good as when I purchased her over 15 years ago. I luv my oven and she is a work of art unto itself. Trust me, you can''t go wrong by purchasing a viking oven. Thank you Viking for making a professional and affordable oven that served my business well. My desserts were well received once I started baking them in my oven."
Mary L.
Newburgh, New York
Cooking on my Viking range reminds me every day that I finally got my dream kitchen.
Chef Aaron Burgau
New Orleans, Louisiana
For 12 years I lusted after a gas Viking range. I finally got one, along with a microwave drawer, and range hood. One month later, I divorced my husband and lost the appliances (not really), but left them in the house. I get to visit the wonderful appliances when I visit my dog and two cats. That range is the most wonderful thing in the world, I wish I had one now!!!
Jennifer R.
West Frankfort, Illinois
"I purchased a Custom Dual Fuel Convection 30" Range. I have always wanted a Viking and I have never been happier. I absolutely LOVE it!! I also have a dishwasher that I just couldn't live without. They are both great pieces and I couldn't be more proud to have them in my home."
Emily J.
Greenwood, Mississippi
I am not sure where to send this but I live in AZ and had a Viking service call today with Jared I just wanted to let you know what a great job he did for me... I just can't say enough good things about him. Thank you for the excellent service!
Suzanne T.
Scottsdale, Arizona